Friday, February 9, 2007

MacAlister's Keeps it Coming

Not only did I receive an email from corporate offices gushing over what they felt was a negative customer experience, but I also got a handwritten, handwritten, handwritten letter from Alicia Tippett, General Manager along with vouchers good for 2 free lunches at McAlister's Deli...wanting a second chance. You bet they get a second chance. And I'll bet that when we walk in, these counter clerks are going to be high fiving and having a party in the kitchen. I am pumped to go and see what's going on. Whatever is going on, MacAlister's Deli is the lighthouse that shows all other restauants how to treat the Bartlesville public with enlightened hospitality. And everyone needs to read Danny Meyers book, SETTING THE TABLE.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with McAllister's, but it fits the customer service issue. Following is a copy of an email I sent to Joe Marina Honda.
Dear Sir

We bought a 2007 CRV from Joe Marina Honda on Jan 6, 2007. We were very pleased with your service, price, and we love the car.

However, we have now been bombarded with Honda surveys, junk mail, and phone calls about our new Honda. This is getting to the point that if we had known about all this crap we would receive questioning us about our opinions, we most certainly would have bought a different brand of car. Even if it cost more and was of lesser quality.

We most certainly will not buy another Honda due to these endless surveys despite your wonderful service and the quality of the car. We will also warn our friends about this treatment if they are in the market for a car. I tried to find a link on Honda's website to halt this trash, but was unable to do so. I am appealing for your help in stopping this annoyance.

It would be wonderful to not hear back from you or your company. Just leave us alone and let us enjoy our car.

Thank you

John Wheelock
I am hesitant to leave my address here due to the possibility of receiving even more junk from Honda.


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