Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dillards Wins Latest Name Game in Bartlesville

3 Cheers for Darla at Dillards. Last night, on a quest to buy some Godiva Chocolate for dessert, I flew out to Dillards, right before dinner, ran in, grabbed 2 bars of chocolate and handed them over to the first available attendant. Although picked at random, I hit the jackpot with Darla. Darla ran my credit card, noticed my name and used my name when thanking me for the business. A customer's name. Music to their ears.

I wish I could tell you this happens more time than not, but it doesn't. The last time someone noticed me and used my name was the OnCue experience. But Bartlesville is getting it...slowly but surely, Bartlesville is understanding the term "enlightened hospitality".

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