Tuesday, July 20, 2010

SMTV: Why Northeast Oklahoma Businesses are Not Using Foursquare

This was a hard video to shoot. I was just not feeling it, and it probably shows, but it was important to create the content, discipline myself to create and push on through. It didn't help that I had popped a blood vessel in my right eye (Dr Bussey says everything is fine) and I look like some kind of pitiful vampire.
So I want to thank my 1 reader for hanging in there and being a faithful viewer. Thanks man. I appreciate you.

Why businesses are slow to adopt Foursquare in the Midwest area.
I think it's for a couple of reasons
1. they don't know it's out there
2. If they do know it's out there, their too busy to stop and take a look at what it's all about
3. if they do stop and take a look, they may not be sure out to go about putting together a small campaign to help themsleves.

And so this is why I'm creating this vlog...so small town business owners can quickly discover and learn how to use new marketing tools to make for money for their business.

Why do you think? Any thoughts as to why businesses in this area seem slow to use these new location-service tools? Am I sitting too close to the camera? To far away?

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