Monday, July 12, 2010

SMTV: Qik Video, AOC3, Smirk New Media and Evernote Podcasts

As I test out the Qik Video Pro app from iTunes on my 3G phone, I cover Iqbal Mohammad's essay in Age of Conversation 3, give a special shout-out to Mike Moehler of Smirk New Media and mention the podcast we are listening to these days, Evernote.

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Lee said...

You have a wealth of information here, Scott. I must spend more time studying everything. Is there a social media dictionary to explain some of the terms? LOL!

Scott Townsend said...

Lee: Thanks for the kind words. You've given me a great idea. This would be a good place to teach one aspect of social media or study a tool in 1 -2 minute bite-sized increments. This week it's going to be about Whrrl. You're one questions has helped determine the course of this blog.

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