Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Putting up with Bad Service Creates an Illusion

I saw a lady (we'll call her Boopsie) on the street the other day. She has a service business and I happen to know that one of her clients is not happy with the results they are getting from Boopsie.

Does Boopsie know about the clients concerns? My point is, unless a customer tells a vendor that they are unhappy with the service, how is the vendor to know what the problem is so they can fix it? If you don't make your vendor aware of a problem with their service and you let them continue to provide their service to your company, you are creating an illusion. The illusion you create hides the problem from the vendor. And unless the vendor knows about the problem, it will be hard for the service provider to makes changes to improve the situation.

So unless you want to be in the magic business where deception is your game, be upfront with your vendors/servic providers and respect the person enough to tell them the truth. Chances are the service you receive will improve and "POOF"...all your troubles disappear.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

When I get bad service, I never report it to the business providing the service. Never. That is because if the service was bad enough to not suit me, I hope that the business will continue their bad service to everyone, thus going out of business. Dastardly, but why help a bad company correct itself without any compensation for me?

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