Monday, August 13, 2007

For Heaven's Sake, Leave Candid Feedback

There's nothing like sitting through a great presentation. There's nothing worse than sitting through a bad one either.

Recently 5 of my colleagues and I came back from a day-long seminar that at best was a test of patience. There is plenty to say about this, but let me me stress one a seminar attendee it is your duty to leave or send candid feedback so the seminar producers know what you think (backed up with solid examples) so future seminar attendees (that could be me) may benefit from your insight. This assumes that the receiver of the feedback will do anything about it. But if they have your best interest as well as their wallet, at heart, they will listen and make the necessary adjustments.

I like pointing people to when asked what a good presentation looks like. Or go to Guy Kawasaki's blogblog and find a wealth of information on public speaking.


Jackal said...

What a superb image!

Scott said...

Thank you. I think I got it off Microsoft Office Clip art

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