Monday, July 9, 2007

Enthusiasm = $$$

On a beautiful Sunday after church, my wife and I couldn't decide on what to eat for lunch. She wanted something fast, so she opted for McDonalds. I wanted something different, so I chose another fast-food store. After getting her filet o'fish, we headed for my store.
Once there, I got out, went inside and was hit with an overwhelming lack of enthusiasm. By the look on the line worker's faces, you would thinkg they were chained to the work stations. If the store had a soundtrack, I imagine it would sound like the Winkies chant in the witch's castle from the Wizard Of Oz..."O EE O, We OOoo".
Immediately I felt like I wanted to be anywhere but there. So, when my wife honked the horn, waving at me to let me know I had walked in without my wallet, I took the opportunity to walk out, get in the car and get the heck out of Dodge.

Wow! There was not excitement, no enthusiasm, no visual sign of anyone looking like they were having a good time or enjoying their job. There could be many reasons for this, I understand. But if you are going to be in business and want to make some money, please make it look as though I've made the right choice by showing some enthusiasm and evidence that I am not a burden to you.

Keeping these kind of people around not only costs you business, it could cost you all your business.

So straighten up, find something you enjoy doing and do it. And help me feel good about handing over my money.


Helen White said...

By the way it is a common mistake of both the employer and employee. The employer gives the employee not enough motivation or something and the employee does the work he doesn't like at all. And their mistakes cost us much

creditlucky said...

I wonder at the places like that - how do they manage to keep their business afloat.

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