Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What Does Customer Service Mean?

Customer Service = putting others first. It's that easy/hard.

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Anonymous said...

How much customer service does one actually need to give? I heard a story, I have no idea if it is true (could be a lady-poodle-microwave story). Anyway, some sales rep credited four tires his customer had purchased. Problem was that the sales rep worked for a roofing material maker, not a tire shop.
When does customer service become unprofitable? I have some customers that dominated so much of my time for very little sales I jacked their price really, really high and did everything I could to run them off. Never lied to them, was just completely unconcerned about their gripes. Took a while but some finally got the point. Do I care if they tell everyone my customer service sucked? Nope. My profitable and volume business is satisfied with the way I do things. Perception means nothing. What your customer buys means everything.
Just a thought.

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