Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ice Ice Ice

There is Ice everywhere. And the weatherman is predicting more snow this weekend. Thank God the power is still on at our house. There is no such thing as shovleing this stuff off the driveway. The sleet and freezing rain created a "cast" over the entire town. It will take weeks for all this to go away. This is good weather to be wearing shoe chains.

John Foley who writes the Business Advisors section of the Restaurant Blog has a good article worth reading. I can identify with this article since I along with other friends have been having breakfast in the same place every Friday for the last 6 years. Although not alone, I can appreciate the concept of going to the same place to eat, week in and week out. Consistency means alot. And it must mean alot to alot of people because I see the same group of folks every Friday. Creatures of habit.

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Bluesboy said...

Yeah, in my old home town we used to go to this little burger joint that had the best burgers in town and everybody knew about it. Anyway, Mary was our favorite waitress and knew what we were going to order before we told her. My brother always got a cheeseburger and a "Pretty Pink Lady" (strawberry soda); those were the days!

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