Saturday, September 18, 2010

#SMTulsa Meetup

On Saturday morning, I drove down to Tulsa to participate in Cheryl Lawson's (@partyaficionado) Social Media Tulsa Meetup. The meetup was held in the Dilly Deli patio area (first time I had been to Dilly Deli...nice place).

While there I had the opportunity to interview Cheryl Lawson. Cheryl has done a great job building up the social media community in Tulsa. As it turns out, she was in the audience when I spoke at the #140conf - LA last year. What a small world. I really appreciate Cheryl asking me to speak on a panel along with Doug Stewart and Mandy Vavrinack on the subject of finding you blog voice.

Here is Cheryl talking #SMTulsa and what it;s all about.

Mandy gave a presentation on location-based services and how to use them/avoid pitfalls. She did a great job. One term I will remember is "geo-fencing" I'll let her explain it in the following interview.

After the meeting, there were lots of people making connections and reuniting with old friends. You can see the slideshow of the #smtulsa event here.

And below you can see some of my iPhone photography in action.

Beautiful Downtown Tulsa.

Cheryl Lawson, putting it all together.

My name tag. I thought it was clever how Cheryl incorporated the QR code in the middle of the nametag. Can you tell what it says?

It was good to see my good friend Patrick Allmond and his wife. Patrick has spoken to the Bartlesville Marketing & Communications Assoc, of which I am a member.

Mancy Vavrinak letting everyone know just how large a blog can be, (inside joke)

Cheryl Lawson laying down the law at the beginning of the meeting.

Mrs. Allmond and Mandy enjoying breakfast before the meeting begins.

My view from the panel position.

Michael Butler, who I have followed for a long time and finally got to meet.

This is were I stop and you start. Please add your thoughts and feedback to this post in the comments below.


Cheryl Lawson said...

Thank you so much for coming out and sharing your knowledge with the Social Media Tulsa community.

I really appreciate your insight re: B2B use of social media. Your passion for your business and your customers comes through loud and clear.

From #140conf to #smtulsa is quite a full circle indeed. I look forward to having you speak at future events.

Scott Townsend said...

Thanks for the kind words. I thought #smtulsa was a great time for learning and growing in Tulsa's Social Media Community.

Thanks for the opportunity to share our story of blogging and find out our voice.

Looking forward to the next get-together.

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