Monday, April 21, 2008

Twitter Etiquette

Blogger Tangerine Toad has listed some great rules of etiquette where Twitter is concerned. I am afraid I have violated some of these rules myself, but will definitley do better in the future. check out these rules of etiquette for Twitter and let me know what you think.


Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

While I have kept up with Web 2.0 tools in general (I took a class that got me going), I have so far avoiding Twittering. It does intrigue me, but I'm a little worried about putting a toe in and finding myself swept up in the tide; I'm already on the computer too much. I'm afraid of getting to disconnected from those actually standing in front of me! :)

My husband is in outside sales, so I figured I'd check our your blog (through Cre8buzz, in case you wondered). I'll poke around now...have a great day.

Maddy said...

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