Saturday, April 21, 2007

Award winning

There's something inside everyone to want to win. And some have a better idea of what winning is about more than others. But whether you are an Academy Award winner or just received a trophy for your little league baseball team, people love getting little statues. I have a trophy, the only trophy I've ever won, back from 1972 for participating in a Little League Baeball team in Waco, Tx. I still have the trophy. Hope that doesn't sound too pathetic. But I've kept it all these years and don't plan on putting it away anytime soon. The other day the trophy got knocked off it's perch and the base shattered. So now, even though the trophy will not have all the original parts, it's story continues to develop.

I like my trophy.

Last week the booth I designed for my company won Judge's Choice for 1 or more booths. The first time since 1972 to win something based on merit, skill, whatever you want to call it. I'm liking this taste called 'winning". I've got to make up for lost time and win somemore stuff.

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I will fix it for you..

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